REFURBISHED ELECTRONICS LLC Team have more than 6 years of experience selling Grade A quality refurbished phones And Laptop

Our core business is sales of refurbished Devices, including refurbished Iphone, Samsung , Sony , HTC , LG and Others

We are trusted by many large cooperate and insurance company,

you can be sure the device you get will be professional  refurbished with the super quality.

How we test phones

  • Factory Rest→Delete Data
  • Calling function test → insert SIM card → make call →Check Loudspeaker→ calling sensor → earphone → Recording
  • Check Wifi :Connect VPN wifi and surf on internet
  • Check 4G net :Turn off wifi then check 4G by surf on internet website.
  • Camera: check Back camera and front camera ,take photo with Flash and focus. 
  • Insert SD card → connect bluetooth → turn on GPS.
  • Touch screen testing (Sansumg by *#0*#)
  • All bottom test (home bottom ,volume+ /- ,power off/on bottom etc)
  • Battary testing , Charing.
  • Match the IMEI,check storage ,Colors by matching the stickers.
  • Remove thee Google Account (samsung), and factory reset finish the testing.

Phone Sealed Steps

  • Bring All phones to the Table No.1
  • Check All phones Screws carefully
  • Check the Dock (charging port) Used or New, must be new
  • Clean all phones/Back and Front, make sure there is no Scratches or other issue
  • Put original Screen Sticker on Screen
  • Match the box ,colors, and storage, to make sure all are right
  • Put All phones inside the right boxes
  • Sealed the box
  • Scan the IMEI to correct PO imei excel
  • Put All phones to correct carton box by its PO/then finish packing
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